What our employees say…

“Great company to work for! Would recommend

I started working for Assist care group at the end of last year, the training was full and informative, not only classroom based but 2 days out shadowing an experienced career. The Customer base is varied and the Phones allow me to ensure their needs are fully met, I’ve found Assist to be a very person centred company.The office staff and supervisors are easily contactable if any questions need answering, so I don’t feel like I’m completely out on my own!You select your own availability so it enables a work/life balance.Pay is fair, and unlike most other companies travel time and mileage are both paid! The opportunity to progress is also an option, with extra training, qualifications and higher job roles available.”

“Great Company

I have worked in many different areas of care, in many settings. I must admit that Assist and the directors are CARING and passionate. The company is well led and the office staff, for most of the time, works as a team.”

“Overall an excellent company to work for!!

I started working for assist care group in 2017. When I started I had no experience and never did the job before, so I never knew if I was going to like it or not. I had all the right training and support from the team at assist care group when I started. I can’t thank the team enough for there support and believing in me. If it wasn’t for this amazing company I wouldn’t be the great carer I am today!! If there’s ever any problems there’s always someone on the end of the phone to help and guide you through any situation that might occur. If you are looking for an excellent care company who will support you and value you for all your hard work and will help you become the best you can be Assist care group is the company for you!!!”

“Open, friendly and listening company

I have worked for Assist Care for the past 15 months and that time has flown by. It has been very easy to settle in as the welcome was very warm and I soon felt as if I had always worked there. I came to the company as a co-ordinator after quite a few years of being a carer, supervisor and co-ordinator for various other care companies so I could use my previously gained skills to help me with my current role. It is hard to be an outsider coming in as originally I had no knowledge of the clients or carers but the other office staff helped me get to know people and were always willing to give me the information I needed to fulfil my role and meet the needs of the individuals that we care for.

If you are feeling the pressure then there is always someone who will help you and management are fully aware if you are having problems and will take the time to find out if there is anything that can be done to assist. The hardest part of the job is having to break sad news to the carers as they genuinely care for their clients.

The most enjoyable part of the job is going home at the end of the day knowing that you have helped to keep a client in their own home for another day. You have made sure that they are being looked after to the best of each person’s ability.”

“Professional & friendly

Having recently joined this company I can honestly say, it is a great company to be working for. They care very much for the clients and ensure their needs are met to the highest standard. They also ensure the staff have all the training required and support whenever necessary. The company is always eager to hear from the staff about any problems, and of course any praise from clients and families.

I would highly recommend this company for a career in care. They have shown me nothing but, support, care for my well being & advice in balancing my family and work schedules.

The clients I have met also praise the care they receive from the staff. It is a pleasure to be employed by this company..”