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In-home care services can help you remain independent living in your own home. Of course, not all home care agencies are the same – and at Assist Care Group we are proud to stand out from the rest.

Founded in response to personal experience of poor in-home care, we provide individually tailored support which is rooted in compassion, improving the lives of not only those in our care, but also their families.

Our clients’ needs are central to everything we do, and the dedicated Assist Care Group team is committed to maintaining the independence, dignity and quality of life of all those we look after, and their families.

Care at home makes life easier for both the person we are caring for, and their family. At Assist Care Group we discuss all your needs for care in the home, and work together with you to plan a care regime that matches your situation.

We don’t just help with routines such as washing and dressing and other daily tasks. We also take into account the personal needs and concerns of those we are caring for, so that we can do everything possible to make life more pleasant, dignified and comfortable for them. Our care staff are friendly without being intrusive, providing companionship and pleasant conversation as well as taking care of all the practical necessities.

Very often close family members and friends have to shoulder the burdens when somebody becomes in need of care on a regular basis. Having to meet all the demands of everyday life, whilst being a pillar of strength and support for a loved one who needs emotional as well as practical support, can be a very stressful challenge. At Assist Care Group we are familiar with all the issues involved, and use all of our knowledge and skills to help you to cope.

There are many reasons why a person may need care, but they are usually the result of physical or mental disability or a disease or traumatic experience of some kind. These include dementia, long-term illnesses such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease, learning disabilities, the effects of one or more strokes, terminal illness requiring palliative care, physical injury, and stress-related depression. At Assist Care Group we are familiar with many forms of physical and mental disability, and our professional staff are trained and experienced in dealing with people of all ages in need of care.

Home care can be taught with stresses on family life. Many of our services help to relieve this strain.

If we can help to remove even half of the stresses of everyday life by taking care of essentials and providing companionship and support we will make life more pleasant for all concerned.

So, please give us a call on 01306 710900 to discuss how we can help make things easier and less stressful for you and your loved ones.

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(30min to 4-hour visits daily for Personal Care and Assist Living needs)

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(4+ hours)

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(Waking and Sleep nights & continuous bedside care)

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